HEI Distributor Race SB-BB Non-Vacuum with race module

Productnummer: D1070
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  • Motorinhoud: SB-BB
  • Race only
  • With performance module
  • Vacuum advance
  • For closed course competition use only, not to be used on emission controlled vehicles
  • Not for use with solid core spark plug wires

Losse Onderdelen:

  • Race Only Tune-Up kit
  • HEI distributor cap and rotor kits
  • HEI distributor cap
  • HEI distributor rotor
  • HEI dust cover with embossed Flame-Thrower script
  • EST distributor cap (late model 87-95)
  • EST distributor rotor (late model 87-95)
  • Wiring harness and capacitor
  • Adjustable vacuum advance canister
  • Clockwise vacuum lockout
  • Counter clockwise vacuum lockout
  • Mechanical advance curve kit
  • Bronze distributor gear Chevrolet SB and BB engines 0.491 shaft

Toepassing o.a.:

  • Chevrolet

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